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Epcot's Rides

Epcot has some popular rides. If you are visiting during the peak season, be sure to take advantage of the Fast Pass so your kids can visit their favorite ride during your trip. The Disney World Fast Pass allows you to skip the long line and instead enter the ride through the Fast Pass entrance, which has little to no wait. (Each person in your party must have a Fast Pass ticket in order to use the Fast Pass entrance to the ride.) A one hour time window is specified on the ticket, telling you when you can use the Fast Pass entrance. You can get the free Fast Pass tickets from the Disney Fast Pass Distribution kiosks that are located near the entrance to Epcot or near some of the ride entrances. You can only get one Fast Pass ticket at a time. Once the time has expired on the first ticket, then you can get another one. Note: Disney is in the process of testing a new Fast Pass+ system (through the new Disney "MagicBands") that will allow you to reserve up to three Fast Passes a day through their website or the Disney Mobile App.

During the peak season, you should arrive early at Epcot to get a Fast Pass for your favorite ride. If you can't get a Fast Pass and the llines are long, then try odd times (e.g., early morning, lunch time, dinner time, or even after dinner). Estimated wait times are often posted near the ride entrance. There are also Apps available that you can use to check estimated wait times (e.g., Official Disney App or unofficial WDW Waits). During peak times, you can enjoy alternate activities such as Agent P's World Showcase Adventure, Kidcot Fun Stops, Epcot's Character Meet & Greets, exploring the Epcot's Hidden Gems until it is time to use your Fast Pass.